Our Apps


View information from the Prelude cryptocurrency exchange on your Android device. This app allows you to see the values of various cryptocurrencies on the Prelude.io exchange.

Cryptocurrency for DashClock

Keep track of the value of your favourite cryptocurrency.
This DashClock extension will show you the value of one of 29 cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin or several "regular" currencies.


Never be surprised at the register again!
Keep track of your spending and anticipate your final price with ShopCheck. This app allows you to keep track of the name, price, and quantity of items you buy at stores. Perfect for grocery shopping on a budget! This app can also calculate sales tax for you.

EMS Helper

Track your calls with EMS Helper!
Simply click on a button to add it to the call log. Want to change what a button says? Long click it! Once the call is over, you can save the log to your external storage or share it.

Countdown DashClock Extension

A DashClock extension that will count the days, hours, and minutes until an event.

Exocomics Mobile

Enjoy the adventures of Li, Jordan, and Shoelace on the go with Exocomics Mobile.

  • View all the comics
  • Save your favorites
  • Share with your friends

Dice Roller

A simple dice roller for D&D and other RPG games.

Commissioned Apps

Dorset Radio

Dorset Radio where music comes to life, Online.
This app was commissioned by Webcom Radio.

Webcom Radio

Now you can listen to the best radio station out there on your Android phone or tablet! Playing all the hits from the UK to South Africa to Canada, download the latest and greatest to your Android!
This app was commissioned by Webcom Radio.

Phoenix Radio

Phoenix Radio: where music meets the world with great Dj's and an electric mix of music from all genres.
This app was commissioned by Webcom Radio.

Radio Hubajda

Czech internet dance Radio Hubajda, playing songs from the 90th years to the present, even moderated programs.
This app was commissioned by Radio Hubajda.